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5 Star Quality

Hairdreams 5 Star Hair is made from hand-selected dark human hair that is gently lightened. This type of hair allows for a wearing period of up to 6 months.

7 Star Quality

Hairdreams 7 Star Quality Hair is made from especially high-grade hand-selected human hair of European type.The hair may be lightened by a maximum of one shade. They can be re-used twice because of rebonding. The wearing period is up to 1.5 years. 


The bonding is the attachment between one’s own hair and the Hairdreams hair strand.

Comfort Point Bonding

Comfort Point Bondings are Hairdreams′ patented bonding technology. They feature a special ergonomic shape, which provides perfect wearing comfort and an amazingly soft and natural look. 

Human hair

In order to lengthen and thicken hair with “real hair”, only 100% real human hair is used, which is characterized by the notable natural wearing attributes and natural appearance. 

Hair quality

Hairdreams only works with the best and highest-grade raw hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles. The two hair qualities “5 Star” and “7 Star” live up to even the highest expectations of stylists and their clients.

Hair thickening

With the help of hair thickening services, every hair style can achieve long-lasting fullness and volume. This effect can  be achieved practically with the same technique as a hair lengthening. With the exception, that in this case the length of the added hair is adapted to the length of the client′s own hair, so that the hair length remains the same achieving fuller hair.

Hair lengthening

With the hair lengthening service, one′s own hair can be lengthened to the client’s desires. A Hairdreams hair lengthening service is virtually undetectable from the client′s own hair. It is possible in a very short time frame to create the hair length and fullness so that practically any desired hair style can be achieved. 

Hair Creations

Virtually any hair style can be achieved with Hairdreams. Everything is possible with Hairdreams Hair Creations: longer, fuller, trendy, color changes and many more. 


The stylists of Hairdreams Couture Salons in Vienna and Singapore revealed the secret of beautiful, healthy, shiny hair of the royalties in Europe and Asia. They turned to Hairdreams – the best supplier of human hair – in order to market their knowledge. Based on this research Hairdreams is now creating the exclusive IMPERIAL HAIR QUALITY, which is available in Hairdreams Couture Salons only.    

Laserbeamer NANO

The Laserbeamer NANO-System is the most innovative method to create more natural fullness and length in a very gentle manner. Hairdreams 100% real human hair is combined with patented NANO Technology to “invisibly” integrate into one’s own hair. The additional hair strands are permanent which means they become a natural part of one’s own hair. 


The Laserbeamer XP System is a proven method of hair lengthening and thickening in a fast and gentle way.The Laserbeamer System allows for automatic application of multiple human hair strands in one simple step. 


The MicroLines System is ideally suited to replenish natural volume on top of the head for people who have thin hair or even advanced hair loss.

NANO Bonding

Thanks to modern precision techniques the Nano bonds are ultra-thin and extremely flat. They are practically undetectable and allow for the hair to naturally lay extremely flat and softly against the scalp.  Hairdreams hair is integrated seamlessly into one’s own hair, making visible transitions a thing of the past.


Hairdreams Quikkies are tiny, self-adhesive strips made from ultra-light microfiber gauze with premium human Hairdreams hair attached to it. They can be integrated into one’s own hair in a super fast, gentle and long lasting matter. 


Rebonding is the re-use of hair lengthening strands, which have been removed and then refurbished with new bondings. This allows for the reduction of costs for follow-up lengthening services. 

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