The Hair Innovation of the Year!
The Hair Innovation of the Year!
Stop & Grow
Up to 23% visibly thicker hair in 90 days! 7x more effective results than the current best-selling active Ingredient! Scientifically proven!*
Mehr Haare mit Hairdreams Stop&Grow

The Hair Innovation of the Year!  

In addition to its proven hair integration solutions, Hairdreams has now also developed a system against hair loss: Hairdreams Stop&Grow is a highly effective, patented method that stops hair loss and promotes new hair growth.

Problem: Hair Loss

More and more people suffer from hair loss. One out of two men and more and more women are affected. The main reason stems from genetically predisposed hair loss. Other influencing factors that can lead to hair loss are stress, illness and malnutrition. In all of these cases, the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosteron), which is produced by one‘s own body, causes the active roots to ″become dormant″, thus decreasing the production of new hair strands. The result? Thinning hair and increased scalp visibility. 

The solution

Hairdreams Stop&Grow is a new Anti-Hair Loss therapy, developed in collaboration with leading scientists, dermatologists and universities. The patent-pending formula is based on the new PHT-complex and an innovative 2-Phase System.

The EFFECT-PHASE contains a concentrate of Phytohormones and Tetra-G-Collagen. It inhibits the hair loss causing hormone DHT and stimulates the activity of the cell functions that are responsible for hair growth. And, it wakes up ″dormant″ hair roots to help produce new and healthy hair. At the same time, the roots of the hair are further strengthened and anchored in the scalp.

The BOOSTER-PHASE is mixed just prior to application for maximum effect. It contains activating Taurin, which enhances the effect of the Active-Phase and also triggers additional growth stimulating impulses. 

After a short period of time severe hair loss will be lastingly reduced and hair volume visibly increased.

Booster Phase Effect Phase

The Results Are Scientifically-Proven! 

The superior results of Hairdreams Stop&Grow were tested and effectively proven by a study of the renowned University of Luebeck and the Dermatest-Institutes as well as through an application test study of the Hairdreams Research & Development team. 

University of Luebeck: +23% Hair Growth! 

The Dermatological Clinic of Luebeck University conducted an in-vitro research study of the effect of the Stop&Grow PHT-active ingredient on the hair root of patients that suffer from hair loss. During the study, they found an average of a + 23% increase in active new hair producing hair roots.* 

7 Times Better Effect 

In the study, researchers additionally tested the effect of the PHT-complex in comparison to the current best-selling active ingredient. The results were outstanding.  They found that the activation of dormant roots was 7 times better with the PHT-complex!

14,000 New Hair Strands

The results translated into visible hair growth of 14,000 new hair strands in a 90 day growth phase for the average person suffering from hair loss!

* ) In-Vitro Study / Clinic of Dermatology at University of Luebeck / Dr. Fischer  Ph.D./ 2014


Hairdreams Application Study: “Client Score = A+”

For several years the effect of Hairdreams Stop&Grow was tested in a salon environment during a long-term application study.**  There they carefully monitored all changes in hair growth in great detail using special microscopic imaging as well as photos of the participant’s change of hair styles. In addition, the participants were regularly interviewed about their experience.

Almost all participants reported that only after a few weeks, their extensive hair loss had been reduced or completely stopped. After 3-4 months, 96% of participants confirmed that their hair density increased.   It looked and felt noticeably fuller, which resulted in giving the Stop&Grow Therapy a ″perfect A+ score.″

Simultaneously a photo documentation of the hair and scalp was made which confirmed the incredibly superior effect of Stop&Grow on hair growth!

Dermatest Institute: ″Excellent″! 

The renowned Dermatest Institute conducted a study that measures skin compatibility of the Hairdreams Stop&Grow PHT Elixir and rated it ″Excellent″.***

**) Application study / Hairdreams Research & Development, Graz / 2012-2014
***) Dermatest Institute, Muenster, 2014

How it works

Hairdreams Stop&Grow Therapy is a treatment applied by a Professional Hairdreams Partner and continued at home. 

Stop&Grow Service by a Professional Hairdreams Partner

At the beginning of each treatment, a trained Hairdreams expert will perform a thorough analysis of one’s hair and scalp. The optimal therapy is then developed based on this analysis. Typically, this is a combination of an intensive in-salon and at-home treatments. The progression is carefully monitored and documented.

Stop&Grow Treatment At-Home

With the guidance off your Hairdreams expert and using your at-home Hairdreams Stop&Grow treatment, you maintain your scalp with the PHT active ingredients.  A special applicator will ensure a pinpoint and accurate dosage.

After just a few weeks, you will visibly see and feel astonishing results!

Hairdreams Stop&Grow Anti -Hairloss you get at selected salons.

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